Our Mission

High Quality & Low Risk Investing

Rore Investing is a leading real estate investment company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, specializing in commercial real estate acquisitions. With a successful track record, we have strategically invested over $320 million in assets, spanning across different sectors, such as Retail properties, Multi-family, and Hotels.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, our primary objective is to offer investors unparalleled opportunities in the commercial real estate sector. We strive to deliver high-quality, low-risk investments that adhere to the utmost standards of professionalism, integrity, and transparency.

Our Qualities


For nearly two decades, Rore Investing has acquired, repositioned, developed & managed real estate assets & increased client ROI consistently over time.


Rore Investing has developed a strong reputation for creating value by repositioning under-utilized, mismanaged, and/or under-performing properties.


Rore Investing adds significant value to the properties it acquires & manages with an aggressive & comprehensive operations & management team.


Rore Investing has been recognized by the press and state and local officials for its contributions to the State of Florida and the communities in which its assets are located.

Diverse Investments

Rore Investing is focused on acquiring assets in all sectors, with a particular interest in multifamily and extended – stay assets located in urban areas with access to public transportation and major employment centers.


Rore Investment’s strategy is to acquire under-performing income-producing assets that offer medium to long-term appreciation and potential for revenue growth.

Leadership Team

Shmuel (Sam) Bonnardel

Chief Executive Officer

Moshe Gorin

VP Operations & Capital

Fitzy Barrocas

Asset Manager

Jamie Wrublevski

Investor Relations

Sarah Partouche

Head Administrator

Samuel Barrocas

Project Manager